Dylan Landry

Web Developer

  1. 2020-05-24 📛 OAuth2 Identity A barebones demo of authorisation using OAuth2. nodejs express oauth2 request
  2. 2020-05-18 ⚔️ Security Wargames Began practicing security concepts on OverTheWire. security
  3. 2020-05-17 📝 Learning Log Added a learning log to my portfolio site. hugo netlify forestry
  4. 2020-04-26 📊 Long Polling A barebones demonstration of polling and long polling. nodejs express
  5. 2020-04-19 📬 Server Sent Events A barebones demo of server sent events. nodejs express
  6. 2020-04-13 😴 REST API Example A barebones demo of REST API principles. nodejs express